No other Metro Atlanta Commercial Deep Cleaning Service gives you the protection from harmful viruses and bacteria, while giving you total peace of mind, like Safeguard Sanitation.

Preventative Sanitation

Safeguard Sanitation – Your Best Line of Defense Against COVID-19, Flu, HIV, and more

Since the very beginning, the professionals from Safeguard Sanitation have been offering next-level Commercial Cleaning and Facility Sanitation Services to business owners, facility managers, and building superintendents throughout the Greater Atlanta area. We utilize the most cutting-edge, sophisticated, and scientifically-proven technology and techniques to give your facility’s surfaces the greatest chance for total eradication of harmful viruses like Influenza, HIV, Coronavirus, and much more.

2020 has brought about a massive, global awareness of how quickly that harmful viruses and bacteria can spread throughout an entire population, producing devastating and even deadly consequences. For your people, your clients, and every man, woman, and child connected to someone who comes in contact with your facility, the CDC-approved techniques offered by Safeguard Sanitation may quite literally be your best line of defense against COVID-19, Flu, HIV, SARS, MRSA, Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella, and many other harmful pathogens.

Call our experts today for an ATP Meter & Swab test of your facility, and see if you could benefit from our services during this sensitive and critical time in our nation’s history.

Deep Cleaning and Industrial Sanitation Services You Can Trust – Safeguard Sanitation

Below is a brief overview of the services provided by Safeguard Sanitation. All our services are approved by the CDC, the EPA, and the FDA, and are administered by trained, certified, experienced professionals.

  • Electrostatic Disinfectant Treatment
  • Deep Commercial Cleaning
  • Total Surface Sanitation
  • Preventative Sanitation Treatments
  • Pathogen Virus Decontamination
  • Odor Elimination
  • Emergency COVID-19 Sanitation
  • Industrial Facility Cleaning & Sanitation
  • ATP Meter & Swab Testing

Safeguard Sanitation – Nobody Gets Your Facility Sanitized and Re-Opened Like Our Pros

Many companies offer sanitation services that claim to kill COVID-19 and other microscopic viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and other dangers. After all, why wouldn’t a regular deep-cleaning company advertise for something that’s such a huge point of concern for so many people across the country today? But we believe you should know that very few cleaning services utilize legitimate Electrostatic Sterilization techniques that are necessary to truly eradicate the pathogens in your facility, and even fewer do so as effectively as the professionals from Safeguard Sanitation. Our customers tell us that our sanitation procedures get their homes and businesses sterilized, safe, clean, and operational faster than any other local or national cleaning service they have tried, and at a fraction of the cost. Call or contact Safeguard Sanitation today, and see what our proven track record of success can do for you.