Safeguard Sanitation

Deep commercial & industrial cleaning and COVID sterilization that boosts your facility beyond hospital-grade cleanliness, to operating-room levels of sanitation.


Sanitation at the Highest Level

ATP Meter Testing

For business owners who are serious about their sanitation, we utilize ATP Meter’s to detect biological contamination in your facility. ATP testing is the most precise and accurate form of contamination measurement we have today.


A key component of our disinfectant process is the advent of our custom-formulated deep cleaning product, Envisizion. Combined with proper cleaning techniques, we can clean your surfaces to unbelievable rates of sterilization.

COVID-19 Cleaning

In the event of a positive Covid-19 Test, our goal is getting your facility up and running as quickly and effectively as possible, while ensuring the highest level of CDC-approved treatments for viruses and other harmful pathogens.

Electrostatic Treatment

This scientifically-proven Electrostatic Disinfectant Treatment process kills 100s of bacteria and virus strains, including COVID-19, SARS, MRSA, Influenza A&B, Hepatitis A&B, HIV, Listeria, E.Coli, Salmonella & much more.

Swab Testing

To ensure that our disinfectant processes are truly sterilizing your surfaces to the highest degree possible, we use a system of checks and balances with our testing, including ATP swab testing. Your surfaces have never been this sterilized.

Proper Technique

All the testing and sterilization tools in the world won’t matter if your sanitation company doesn’t employ the smartest and best cleaning techniques approved by the CDC, the EPA, and the FDA. We train our people do it right, every time.

Industries Served

Sanitation Services

  • Deep Commercial Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Electrostatic Treatment
  • Surface Sanitation
  • Preventative Treatments
  • ATP Meter Testing
  • Pathogen Decontamination
  • Odor Elimination
  • Emergency Services
  • Custom Sterilization
  • COVID-19 Cleanup
  • CDC, EPA, & FDA Approved
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About Us

Safeguard Sanitation exists to help give business owners, homeowners, property managers, and building superintendents throughout every major industry the ability to have a fully sanitized building or facility that is treated, tested, and proven to be free from harmful viruses like HIV, Influenza, and COVID-19 that may remain lingering on floors, walls, or any other surface inside the facility. CDC, EPA, FDA, and OSHA approved.